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Hi! This is my first post using Pocket SharpMT. Do you realize what it means?


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Verbose on

Happy New Year!

Verbose off

The picture which may change everything

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Did you hear that? Did you see this picture? Do you know what it means?

There is water on Mars… Nobody spoke about it, no headlines in your newspapers. But here we are, there IS liquid water on Mars, not 10000 years ago, not even in our dreams, but NOW! Whoohoo! That is maybe the most important discover of all times and it does not seem to interest anyone… Just think about what it means, water on Mars…


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And now… Another man-machine physical interface: the Reactable. To make it short, you have a table under which a video projector projects a video (seriously?). This video mainly displays links between real objects you put on the table. We have already seen that, yes I know. But these objects are used are switches and tuners to produce… music. A new kind of audio synthesizer which harmonics are based on the location of objects and which is parameterized using virtual sliders around ech objects.

Not clear, I know. Go to the Reactable site and enjoy the technology and the MMI design, not the music. Some people might appreciate both anyway…

What we must notice in this project merging live audio synthesis and video analysis is that everything is open source. The Reactable web site proposes a lot of details, explanations, videos and source codes, so let’s go!
I really need time to work on this kind of project. It is vital.

(Thanks to Trinn for sending me this news!)

Blogospherus: mapping the blogosphere

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Blogospherus aims at mapping the blogosphere through a viral approach. What does it mean? Somewhere in the blogosphere, someone (the guy from Blogospherus of course!) throw a post to those who would read it (the first one who read this might be a friend of him/her or he/she read it by mistake…). This second guy tracks back to the first post, etc., etc. until we all fuse our blogs. Useless? Not sure. Blogospherus will then map (we all hope so, because if not, we will all receive spams for nothing…) this viral network and we’ll get a nice picture (we also hope so) of the blogosphere. So, yes, there is the link with Undead Pixel: the final picture (if any…).

(very small picture, it will grow isn’t it?)

If you want to play this game, go right now to Oh, I forgot, it’s in french. Ok, we might get a viral map of the french blogosphere then. Who will be the one who will connect us to the rest of the world?!

Update: I’m not sure to understand how this experiment works (and what I read from other participants does not make me feel more confident…). I think that you have to link to my post to make it work ( but to be sure go to the official site and add a comment with a link to my post. Or no, this is too unclear… Will it work by the end?

Update again: I read that I have to put a trackback to the post which connected me to the system. Here it is, Francis Pisani of course :


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This post has nothing to do with pixels. Yesterday I discovered an online adaptation of the famous game Werewolves of Tiercelieux (aka les Loups-Garous). Games are close to real-time: one real day for one played day. The site is named L’Oie Rouge, go there to start playing. After that, go to the official homepage of Werewolves of Tiercelieux and buy their game.

Sahara KMZ

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Back from Sahara, I finally gathered some landmarks for Google Earth showing where we’ve been. It’s useless, of course it is but I’m addicted to this software, you know…

Click here for the KMZ file!

Sahara HDR

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Last week I was in the Sahara desert. Taking pictures in such a place is a good opportunity to use HDR (see this previous post) since landscapes look very flat and only composed of sky and ground (two homogeneous and well separated regions).

Here are the results (taken from my photograpy blog). Pictures look weird and even unreal but I have to say that the real view was not that far from what is depicted below. Look at the one with the camel: we can see artifacts generated by object motion during the bracketing phase…

Out of scope comments…

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I just actived a plugin to automatically wipe out undesired comments. Let’s see if it works…

Once again!

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Tomorrow new departure for Beijing! Once again! See you there:)

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